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Mother’s Day Traditions

With life getting busier and busier it is very easy to forget about having some “mummy me time”.  But then, there is that one day of the year where you can put all those guilty feelings aside and truly be queen for a day.



They say past experience is the predictor of future behaviour, and in a lot of cases this is true.  In Glen and Julie-Anne's case past and current experience has seen them invent a product which is sure to solve many parents frustrations when it comes to mess free feeding times.



It was the “itch to do something more creative” and reading Lisa Messengers book ‘daring and disruptive’ that has led Jen James to leave her career in operations, management and training in retail and unleash her inner creative and design street smart fashion for babies and kids.



A few years ago on one of my buying trips I came across this gorgeous, brightly coloured children’s plastic dinnerware.  At first I was unsure as I only had limited experience with these types of children’s products.  I was thinking all the thoughts that go through your head when you find a new brand such as, will it sell?, is this what mum’s really want and will it benefit them? and what would the price be?