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9 reasons why OiOi make the BEST nappy bags in Australia

  • by Elle J Team
9 reasons why OiOi make the BEST nappy bags in Australia

Founded back in 1997 by Lisa Bennetts after the birth of her first child, Isabella, OiOi has grown to be one of Australia's most loved nappy bag brands.

As a handbag designer, Lisa was surprised to find that what was trending at the time she was having Isabella was nappy bags which were no more than bags that looked like they were for kids, not a saavy and stylish new mother.  

So Lisa took her handbag design skills and developed her own range of nappy bags, which have won many industry awards over the years and are sold all around the world.

Today, after 25 years in business, her daughter Isabella also now works alongside her running the OiOi brand as they continue the tradition and journey of bringing functional and stylish nappy bags to new mothers.  

So what makes an OiOi nappy bag so amazing?

1. OiOi nappy bags have been designed with busy mums in mind.  They are packed with a bunch of handy features, practical storage, plus they look great and will style with todays's popular pram brands, especially those with leather wrapped handles.

2. We also think they also must have taken inspiration from the Three Little Bears as their bags are not too big and not too small, they are just right.  Plus they are designed right here in Australia.

The OiOi Backpack Nappy Bag in Tan is our BEST SELLER, you definately should check it out.

3. Made from high quality faux leather, OiOi backpacks are practical and affordable.  Don't pay $400 for a leather nappy bag that will require extra care and will have dirty baby clothes and milk bottle in it. Save the extra money and spend it on some self love pampering.

4. We also love that the OiOi backpacks have amazing adjustable straps.  This is great for fitting those with broad shoulders or bigger builds.  You can also wear them while baby wearing too!

5. They are a great size for travelling and fit underneath the seat in front on a plane.  So no more getting up during the flight holding a baby.

6. They come with awesome accessories, like changemats, pram clips and more.

7. They come in a range of on-trend colours and most have a matching pram caddy available.

8.  The interior lining is not only wipeable, but it is also light in colour.  This makes looking for things easier versus being against a dark background.

9.  Each bag comes with a set of pram straps so you can also attach them to the pram if you don't want to carry it.


Ok, so we couldn't stop at 9

10. The main compartment has a fantastic easy access opening.


11.  If you really aren't fussed on a backpack, they also have the gorgeous OiOi Carry All's.  Not only do they make a great nappy bag too, they are also a fantastic overnight bag.

12.  They have one a tonne of awards, including the TELL ME BABY HIGHEST RATE NAPPY BAG 2021 and 2022.

A mummy standing in a field holding a baby and an OiOi Tan Carryall Nappy Bag

Have Any Questions About OiOi Nappy Bags?

If you have any enquiries regarding the line of OiOi Nappy Bags and Pram Caddies available at Elle J get in contact with our friendly and helpful team of staff.

We are always happy to assist upcoming and new mums with any questions they have regarding this gorgeous brand. 

Please call 07 4779 8198 or submit an enquiry form via our contact page. We will get back to you as soon as possible and with all the information you require.


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