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Why you need Re-Play children's dinnerware in your life

  • by Elle J Team
Why you need Re-Play children's dinnerware in your life

A few years ago on one of my buying trips I came across this gorgeous, brightly coloured children’s plastic dinnerware. At first I was unsure as I only had limited experience with these types of children’s products. I was thinking all the thoughts that go through your head when you find a new brand such as, will it sell?, is this what mum’s really want and will it benefit them? and what would the price be?

Lunchtime with Re-Play Recycled Kids Dinnerware

Having been a Tupperware girl all my life and having used some Tupperware sippy cups with my own son at the time (all of which within weeks had the spouts chewed beyond recognition) I decided I would give this range a go.

It was something new, it had an amazing backstory and strong values as a brand plus the Australian distributors were fantastic and so passionate about the products.

A company since 1987 producing “the original powerpuff’, it wasn’t until 2011 when the Re-Play children’s range was born. Manufactured in Florida in the USA, Re-Play products are now shipped all around the world.

Re-Play operates on 5 beliefs:

SUSTAINABILITY: Re-Play uses collected HDPE plastic (milk jugs). Using this recycled material saves huge amounts of waste from going to landfill and uses less energy. Plus, Re-Play products can be recycled again!

Re-Play Recycled Saves Milk Bottles Chart | Elle J

AFFORDABILITY: Their products are extremely affordable when initially purchasing. The proof is in the pudding so to speak, with Re-Play products lasting for many years.

FUNCTIONALITY: Re-Play’s goal is to make the self-eating process enjoyable and successful for parents and kids. That’s why they run focus groups with parents from initial concept to final production whenever they release new products. Each product has been designed with early eaters in mind. From the divided plates with their deep walls, to spill proof sippy cups with Re-Play’s patented No Spill valve – which actually works!! The result is a simple, innovative feeding solution.

DURABILITY: The thickness and durability of Re-Play’s product designs have been proven to last families through multiple children without wear or fading. The range is top rack dishwasher safe. You can even run over our divided plate with a car without causing damage! (*I am currently in the 4th year of using my original set and they still are as new)

SAFETY: Re-Play products are free from BPA, BPS, PVC, lead, phthalates and melamine. The source plastic is specially selected and cleaned to meet FDA & EU strict purity standards.

Re Play Recycled Children's Dinnerware Rainbow Collection

Today, Re-Play is one of our best selling ranges in store and is a regular go-to product for mums not only purchasing for their own children but for friends too! 

Top 5 Reasons Our Customer Buy Re-Play Recycled Children’s Dinnerware:

COLOUR – Our customers love the colour options and that you can mix and match colours to make your own fave colour combination.
DURABILITY- Re-Play is made to last and even the roughest toddler is no match for Re-Play.
PRICE – Re-Play offers fantastic value for money.
GIFT OPTION- Buying a set of Re-Play products as a gift for a birthday or baby shower is an easy and affordable choice.
GRANDPARENTS LOVE IT – Re-Play is not only a fave for mums and dads, it is a fave for grandparents too! Especially the No Spill Cups – no more spilt drinks on grandma’s carpet!
YOUR KIDS WILL LOVE YOU - Re-Play is fantastic for those days when you feel like you are failing as a mother because they are refusing to eat the meal you just spent an hour making. Just plate up their meal to look like their favourite character and I am sure you will have an empty plate in no time!
I know that was 6 reasons, and the real list is actually heaps longer. So get yourself your own set of Re-play and join the fun!

Leia x

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