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SNUGGLE HUNNY KIDS | Best Birth Announcement Photo Styling Ideas and Tips for 2020

  • by Elle J Team
SNUGGLE HUNNY KIDS | Best Birth Announcement Photo Styling Ideas and Tips for 2020

Snuggle Hunny Kids Styling ideas and Tips for Birth Announcements

These days, creating your birth announcement photo is more than just taking a quick snap on your phone and posting it to Facebook. 

It's about creating a styled timeless photographic memory that celebrates the arrival of a precious new life into this world.  An image or series of images that you will be proud to have displayed on your walls at home and that you can look back on with your child for years to come. Plus it has to be completely Instagram worthy!

Professional newborn photographers love to get newborn photos up to the first 7 days after birth, as this is when babies are at their squishiest and all they do is feed and sleep, making a posing them for shots alot easier.  Professionals also have their own kit of styling props available.

But, if you are wanting to skip the professionals and take your own photos here are a few styling ideas and tips.

As a proud Snuggle Hunny Kids Stockist we LOVE their gorgeous range of baby Swaddle Sacks and Jersey Wraps for newborn photos.  Snuggle Hunny Kids are one of our top brands and many of their products are in our TOP 20 Best Sellers in store. Their baby swaddles come in a range of colours and styles, which you can check out below.

  1. Swaddle Sack and Top Knot Sets
  2. Swaddle Sack and Beanie Sets
  3. Jersey Wrap and Top Knot Sets
  4. Jersey Wrap and Beanie Sets

To add some extra elements to your photo, think about what you might already have at home, such as blankets, baskets, teddy's or dolls etc, and what you can use from your garden or a neighbours garden (be sure to ask first!).  

Include a Baby Milestone Card, so you know for the future when the photo was taken.

Snuggle Hunny Kids Milestone Cards | Birth Announcement Eucalypt


SNUGGLE HUNNY KIDS | Best Birth Announcement Photo Styling   Snuggle Hunny Kids Evergreen Wrap | Snuggle Hunny Kids Stockist  Snuggle Hunny Kids Wild Fern





When taking your photo, be sure to have your set up next to window with natural light coming through.  There are heaps of tutorials online with how to set up.

These days most smart phones have amazing cameras and you can easily edit photos like changing the brightness using different filters.  If you have an I-phone you can step things up a notch though and take your photos using an app like Lightroom CC (in the app store) of which there is a free option and then add to the app some Pre-sets.  Pre-sets are amazing for making editing fast and easy.  They are basically a pre-set combination of edits, a bit like a filter. We love the Light and Airy mobile pre-sets.  

All you do is take your photo either in your normal phone camera or from within the Lightroom app (we prefer this as it saves extra steps) and then in the editing tools you can select to apply a pre-set to the image and save it.  Don't forget to clean the camera lense on your phone before you start! It is amazing how dirty it can get which = blurry photos.

So that's it. It is really not as hard as you think.  BUT, if you need any help to pick the perfect Snuggle Hunny Kids Swaddle Sack or Jersey Wrap and accessories, our team is always here to help.  Just contact us or visit us in-store.

For more ideas, you can check out our Pinterest board HERE


And one last thing, SAFETY FIRST, never leave your baby unattended while taking photos or posed in a position which could cause harm or restrict their breathing.

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