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Imagination and role play are key in the learning and development of young children.

Although it may seem simple, role play allows children to develop things such as decision making, social skills and creative thinking.  It is great for language development too as the children usually are talking and singing during these activities.

It also allows children to build their independence and solo play skills as they hit the ages of 3-5.  

Adding a Fairy or Elf Garden at your home or in the child's bedroom is a fantastic way to encourage imaginative role play.  Parents can also easily get involved by writing secret fairy notes for when the child has demonstrated expected behaviour, as well as if they need to be reminded.

For older children in the 5-8 years age group, Fairy Gardens are a great way to encourage and develop skills such as writing, as well as learning about accountability and responsibility.  The children learn from being responsible for maintaining the fairy garden and care givers can easily set tasks (reward based or not) around this.  

Including a rewards base as a part of setting up a Fairy Garden is a great way to teach kids about pocket money.  You may allocate certain tasks like watering plants and removing any weeds as a pocket money earning task.  This allows children to learn about the value of money and that by doing the task (ie working) they can get paid.  Just like they would in a real job.

This is then balanced out by having tasks which may not attract a monetary reward.  These reflect the duties that just need to be done to maintain the Fairy Garden in well kept and organised manner.

Having children learn these lessons early in life through experiences they can relate too is all helping to build a strong foundation for what is ahead of them as an adult.