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Aloka Sleepy Lights

Is your little one scared of the dark? Are you looking for a gentle soft light to help you get through those night feeds?
Investing in a good quality children’s night light could be just the thing to get your little one sleeping peacefully. Aloka Sleepy Lights are a gorgeous range of low voltage and low heat children's LED night lights. Not only do Aloka night lights come in a range of designs for children, they have some pretty cool functions too!

The handy remote control allows to you to:

  • Pick one of the 13 different colour options.
  • Program the light to auto fade mode where it will cycle through each of the different colours.
  • Set the handy 1 hour sleep timer.
  • Dimm the brightness.


The lights are powered by a 5v plug in lead. They can also be powered from any USB source, including multi-port powered USB Hubs.  The set and forget 1 hour sleep timer option means you don’t need to worry about potentially disturbing your little one if you went back into their room to turn the light off. And don’t worry, if you do forget to set the timer or turn the light off the low heat LED’s keep the light safe.

Aloka sleepy lights are super lightweight and are fantastic for use while travelling.
They make a beautiful gift for baby showers, christenings and birthdays.

Aloka LED Children's Night Light Bunny

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