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Baby Boys Shoes

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Walnut Melbourne,Classic Charlie Boys Shoe,Elle JWalnut Melbourne,Classic Charlie Boys Shoe,Elle J
Classic Charlie Boys Shoe
Regular price$29.95$15.00
Walnut Melbourne,Classic Boys Boat Shoe,Elle JWalnut Melbourne,Classic Boys Boat Shoe,Elle J
Classic Boys Boat Shoe
Regular price$29.95$20.00
Walnut Melbourne,Comet Sandal,Elle JWalnut Melbourne,Comet Sandal,Elle J
Comet Sandal
Regular price$59.95
Walnut Melbourne,Bedford Sandal,Elle JWalnut Melbourne,Bedford Sandal,Elle J
Bedford Sandal
Regular price$59.95$40.00
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Loafers in Black,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Loafers in Black,Elle J
Pre-Walker Loafers in Black
Regular price$34.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Riding Boots Chocolate,Elle J
Pre-Walker Riding Boots Chocolate
Regular price$44.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY,Elle J
Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY
Regular price$34.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals Brown,Elle J
Sunday Sandals Brown
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals NAVY,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals NAVY,Elle J
Sunday Sandals NAVY
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Loafer WHITE,Elle J
Pre-Walker Loafer WHITE
Regular price$44.95$22.50
Skeanie,Pre-walker Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle J
Pre-walker Sunday Sandals in Tan
Regular price$44.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle J
Sunday Sandals in Tan
Regular price$54.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red,Elle J
Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in White,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in White,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in White
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream,Elle J
Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Riding Boots CHOCOLATE,Elle J
Skeanie Riding Boots CHOCOLATE

Gorgeous leather shoes for growing boys feet

Old Soles is an Australian owned company specialising in the design and manufacturing of what parents have been searching for - good quality children's shoes that kids will outgrow before they outwear. Vicki Lever and her team have been creating gorgeous children's shoes since 2008 and currently available in over 30 countries worldwide.

They know what parents want:

 Everyone wants the very best for their child, and taking care of those new, precious little feet should be no different. Finding shoes that are stylish, protect growing feet and offer maximum comfort so your child will want to keep them on can be a challenge – until now.

They know what babies and toddlers need:

At Old Soles, they understand that babies’ feet differ greatly from an adult’s. They understand that bones are still developing and feet are wider and fatter. Their pre-walkers have a flexible heel and sole, ensuring that your baby has unrestricted movement when they are learning to sit up and crawl. 

Toddler shoes are more structured, offering heel support, a flat sole, rounded toe and flexibility for learning to walk. They are designed specifically for the continually developing foot arch, achilles tendon and foot muscles.

Their shoes are made from 100% natural leather, making them super soft and pliable. The leather lining absorbs sweat and keeps feet comfortable in whatever the weather! Their leather has been tested to ensure it is safe for even the most sensitive skin.

They know fashion:

Old Soles have a design team with a wealth of fashion experience which means that you can be sure that your little one will always be up with the latest and greatest fashion trends. Each season, they release new styles to keep up with the latest looks!