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Dolls + Soft Toys

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Alimrose Designs,Alimrose Butterscotch Linen Collection,Elle JAlimrose Designs,Alimrose Butterscotch Linen Collection,Elle J
Alimrose Butterscotch Linen Collection
Ruby Red Shoes,Ruby Red Shoes Doll,Elle JRuby Red Shoes,Ruby Red Shoes Doll,Elle J
Ruby Red Shoes Doll
Regular price$49.95
Alimrose Designs,Millie Bunny Lavender,Elle J
Millie Bunny Lavender
Regular price$39.95
Alimrose Designs,Millie Bunny Blush,Elle J
Millie Bunny Blush
Regular price$39.95
Maternity Babydoll Short Sleeve Top - White
Regular price$44.95
Alimrose Designs,Baby Ballerina Grey,Elle J
Baby Ballerina Grey
Regular price$39.95
Alimrose Designs,Koko Koala Ballerina Blush,Elle J
Koko Koala Ballerina Blush
Regular price$59.95
Alimrose Designs,Rosie Bunny Stick Rattle Pink Cream,Elle J
Rosie Bunny Stick Rattle Pink Cream
Regular price$14.95
Alimrose Designs,Baby Ballerina Doll in Blue,Elle J
Baby Ballerina Doll in Blue
Regular price$39.95
Plush Baby Bunny
Regular price$22.95
Alimrose Designs,Baby Ballerina in Strawberry Ivory,Elle J
Baby Ballerina in Strawberry Ivory
Regular price$39.95
Tiger Tribe,Elsie Mini Rag Doll,Elle J
Elsie Mini Rag Doll
Regular price$20.00
Alimrose Designs,Hannah Ballerina Silver Blush,Elle JAlimrose Designs,Hannah Ballerina Silver Blush,Elle J
Hannah Ballerina Silver Blush
Regular price$39.95
Alimrose Designs,Baby Briar Bunny Blush,Elle JAlimrose Designs,Baby Briar Bunny Blush,Elle J
Baby Briar Bunny Blush
Regular price$69.95
Alimrose Designs,Floppy Bunny - Black Gingham,Elle J
Floppy Bunny - Black Gingham
Regular price$32.95
Alimrose Designs,Baby Pearl Bunny Toy - Pink Bunnies,Elle J
Baby Pearl Bunny Toy - Pink Bunnies
Regular price$39.95
Alimrose Designs,Pandora Princess Doll in Blush,Elle JAlimrose Designs,Pandora Princess Doll in Blush,Elle J
Pandora Princess Doll in Blush
Regular price$69.95
Mia Fairy Doll in Blush
Regular price$69.95
Grace Ballerina
Regular price$59.95
Alimrose Designs,Reindeer Girl Pink,Elle J
Reindeer Girl Pink
Regular price$59.95
Princess Amelie Doll Ivory
Regular price$69.95
Alimrose Designs,Sitting Koala In Antlers Red Star,Elle J
Sitting Koala In Antlers Red Star
Regular price$49.95$24.95
Alimrose Designs,Sitting Koala In Antlers Gold Star,Elle J
Sitting Koala In Antlers Gold Star
Regular price$49.95$24.95
Alimrose Designs,Koko Koala Ballerina Mist,Elle J
Koko Koala Ballerina Mist
Regular price$59.95
Liberty Blue Collection
Alimrose Designs,Baby Coco Doll Liberty Navy Floral,Elle J
Baby Coco Doll Liberty Navy Floral
Regular price$39.95
Alimrose Designs,Alimrose Spring Floral Collection,Elle J
Alimrose Spring Floral Collection
Regular price$36.95
Nana Huchy,Keith the Koala,Elle J
Keith the Koala
Regular price$34.95
Nana Huchy,Eddie the Emu,Elle JNana Huchy,Eddie the Emu,Elle J
Eddie the Emu
Regular price$49.00
Nana Huchy,Kylie the Kangaroo,Elle JNana Huchy,Kylie the Kangaroo,Elle J
Kylie the Kangaroo
Regular price$49.00

Beautifully handcrafted dolls to celebrate those special moments.

We love our doll collection and the beautiful brands that create them.  Whether you are celebrating a birth, Christening or first birthday, our gorgeous doll collection from Alimrose Designs and Nana Huchy are a go to choice for that special gift.