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Ergonomic Support Belt Nude

The Ergonomic Maternity Support Belt from Mamaway is perfect for providing sleep and back pain relief!

Made with stretchy and breathable materials designed to lift the weight of your growing belly like a firm pair of hands you are sure to feel relief.

The belt also eases some of the pressure on your back, pelvis and spine, so you can get on with your day. 

What's even better is the ergonomic bump support moulds to your body and won't slip off, dig or roll, perfect for stabilising your belly during sleep.

The support of this belt eliminates pressure points and eases sciatic, back & pelvic pain, assists with correcting your posture. 

Like a life saver the belt assists in improving blood circulation and relieves bladder discomfort. 

The innovative design also contains Papolis (deep sea squalene fibres) to hydrate your sensitive, stretching skin.

You don't have to worry about wearing it under your clothing as the ultra thin design consists of gentle materials that won't trap heat or irritate fragile stretching skin. 

One belt covers a wide range of sizes, so you can buy it early in your pregnancy and keep on wearing.


Sizing guide: 

Mamaway maternity belt starts from size M. To measure yourself, starts at your belly button and go all the way around.

M - Bump Size 31-42 inches

L - Bump Size 40-61 inches



Lace - 91% Nylon, 9% Spandex 

Elastic Band - 39% Nylon, 35% Cotton, 16% Rubber, 10% Polyester 

Belly Panel (Front) - 57% Acrylic, 37% Lyocell, 6% Spandex 

Belly Panel (Back) - 100% Nylon