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Miniland Dolls

Looking for an anatomically correct and educational doll for your child?  or a doll that not only encourages independent and creative play, but also teaches young children about cultural diversity?

Made in Spain, the gorgeous Miniland dolls have been used for play and to educate toddlers and young children since 1962. They are an adorable and anatomically correct doll and are vanilla-scented to smell like a newborn baby!

Miniland Dolls are manufactured from eco-friendly, non-toxic phthalate-free vinyl and have moving arms and legs, so they can be adjusted to sit and lay down. We love the ethos of Miniland dolls and their mission to help children understand the concepts of family, co-existence, respect for others and racial diversity.

Choose from Caucasian Baby Dolls, Aboriginal Baby Dolls, Asian Baby Dolls, African Baby Dolls, Latin American Baby Dolls in both boys and girls.

Miniland Dolls are also available in 3 different sizes. Choose from 21cm, 32cm and 38cm.  The 21cm and 32cm have no hair, making them a great choice for toddlers.  The 38cm dolls come with gorgeous hair which can easily be styled.  The 38cm doll is a great choice for older children 3-4years + as they can look after their dolls hair more easily.

Some of our Miniland dolls have the option to purchase them as the doll only or with a white 2-piece underwear set.

Here at Elle J we also have our very own EXCLUSIVE range of Miniland doll clothing and accessories. The range has been designed by us and is just gorgeous.  You can check it out HERE.

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