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MontiiCo,Original Drink Bottle,Elle JMontiiCo,Original Drink Bottle,Elle J
Original Drink Bottle
Regular price$29.95
MontiiCo,Mini Drink Bottle,Elle JMontiiCo,Mini Drink Bottle,Elle J
Mini Drink Bottle
Regular price$22.95
MontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Superhero,Elle JMontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Superhero,Elle J
Insulated Lunch Bag - Superhero
Regular price$39.95
MontiiCo,MontiiCo Sports Lid,Elle JMontiiCo,MontiiCo Sports Lid,Elle J
MontiiCo Sports Lid
Regular price$6.95
MontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Unicorn,Elle JMontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Unicorn,Elle J
Insulated Lunch Bag - Unicorn
Regular price$39.95
MontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Llama,Elle JMontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Llama,Elle J
Insulated Lunch Bag - Llama
Regular price$39.95
MontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Dinosaur,Elle JMontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Dinosaur,Elle J
Insulated Lunch Bag - Dinosaur
Regular price$39.95
MontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Mermaid,Elle JMontiiCo,Insulated Lunch Bag - Mermaid,Elle J
Insulated Lunch Bag - Mermaid
Regular price$39.95


MontiiCo is an Australian company producing a range of reusable drink bottles, smoothie cups and insulated lunch bags designed to make eco living not just a better choice for the environment, but a better choice full stop.

MontiiCo's products deliver on the promise of being fresh, practical and on trend!  They provide stylish and adventurous types the raddest eco options on the market. 

MontiiCo is about making sustainable choices, and whilst their products may not be cheap, they’re built to last and that’s how we’ll keep plastic out of landfill and money in your pockets in the long run.