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Miss Mae Studio

Miss Mae Reusable Nursing Pads

Miss Mae Studio are known for their gorgeous high quality reusable nursing pads for breastfeeding mothers, and we are so proud to be a stockist of this amazing Australian made product.

Each pad is made up of 4 layers and are super lightweight.  It all starts with a double layer of soft and absorbant bamboo terry cloth to draw moisture away from the breast, followed by a single layer of waterproof PUL to stop any leaks from showing through your clothing, and finished with a pretty printed 100% cotton outer.  The printed cotton outer is to remind you of your femininity and how beautiful you truely are inside and out.

Miss Mae reusable breastpads need to be washed once or twice prior to first use.  Each wash will assist with increasing the softness and absorbance over time.

Best practice for washing them is to wash them in a wash bag when you do your normal washging and line dry. Don't use any softners or the like as this can reduce the absorbancy.

How many pairs to buy is really going to depend on your level of leakage, which varies with every mother.  We recommend starting with 3 pairs as a minimum and going by the rule of one to wear, one spare and one in the wash.  You will know rather quickly, in the first week, if you feel you need to change more frequently than 1-2 times a day.  At that point you can re-order the extras you need.  Also once your milk is really established (can take up to 6-8weeks) your level of leakage may settle down and you won't need to change as often.

Choosing reusable breastpads is a fantastic eco-friendly option and can save you hundreds of $$ over your breastfeeding journey.

If you are looking at these for gift, they pair beautifully in a gift box with our gorgeous Hermosa Co nipple balm and some Franjo's Feeding Cookies.  Chat with us today about making you a gorgeous gift box or hamper.


  • Purchased in pairs.  1 set = 1 pair
  • Each nursing pad measures 11cm
  • Made in Australia