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Piper Bug

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Hooded Towel RAY
Regular price$39.95
Hooded Towel PIPER
Regular price$39.95
,Bow Headband LYNNE,Elle J
Bow Headband LYNNE
Regular price$12.95
Jersey Swaddle LYNNE
Regular price$36.99
,Stinking Hot Romper or Tee,Elle J,Stinking Hot Romper or Tee,Elle J
Stinking Hot Romper or Tee
Regular price$24.95
,Linen Cotton Holly Romper,Elle J,Linen Cotton Holly Romper,Elle J
Linen Cotton Holly Romper
Regular price$39.95
,Linen Cotton Dress Holly,Elle J,Linen Cotton Dress Holly,Elle J
Linen Cotton Dress Holly
Regular price$44.95
,Pine Cone Playsuit,Elle J,Pine Cone Playsuit,Elle J
Pine Cone Playsuit
Regular price$39.95
,My First Christmas 2019 Romper,Elle J,My First Christmas 2019 Romper,Elle J
My First Christmas 2019 Romper
Regular price$24.95
Mama Maxi Skirt
Regular price$42.95$25.00
Holly Mens Shirt
Regular price$42.95$25.00
Christmas Bloomers
Regular price$19.95
,Canvas Wall Hanging,Elle J
Canvas Wall Hanging
Regular price$12.95
Wildflower Romper or Tee
Regular price$24.95
Little Darling Romper or Tee
Regular price$24.95
,Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet WOODLAND,Elle J
Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet WOODLAND
Regular price$39.95
,Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet LYNNE,Elle J
Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet LYNNE
Regular price$39.95
,Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet KEVIN,Elle J
Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet KEVIN
Regular price$39.95
,Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet JACKSON,Elle J
Jersey Fitted Cot Sheet JACKSON
Regular price$39.95
,Heritage Knit Blanket SEA FOAM,Elle JPiper Bug,Heritage Knit Blanket SEA FOAM,Elle J
Heritage Knit Blanket SEA FOAM
Regular price$59.95
,Heritage Knit Blanket ROSE,Elle JPiper Bug,Heritage Knit Blanket ROSE,Elle J
Heritage Knit Blanket ROSE
Regular price$59.95
,Heritage Knit Blanket CINNAMON,Elle JPiper Bug,Heritage Knit Blanket CINNAMON,Elle J
Heritage Knit Blanket CINNAMON
Regular price$59.95
,Dreamer Romper,Elle JPiper Bug,Dreamer Romper,Elle J
Dreamer Romper
Regular price$24.95
Piper Bug,Bamboo SwaddleWOODLAND,Elle J,Bamboo SwaddleWOODLAND,Elle J
Bamboo SwaddleWOODLAND
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Swaddle SHELLEY,Elle JPiper Bug,Bamboo Swaddle SHELLEY,Elle J
Bamboo Swaddle SHELLEY
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Swaddle RAY,Elle JPiper Bug,Bamboo Swaddle RAY,Elle J
Bamboo Swaddle RAY
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Swaddle LYNNE,Elle JPiper Bug,Bamboo Swaddle LYNNE,Elle J
Bamboo Swaddle LYNNE
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Swaddle KEVIN,Elle JPiper Bug,Bamboo Swaddle KEVIN,Elle J
Bamboo Swaddle KEVIN
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Swaddle JACKSON,Elle J
Bamboo Swaddle JACKSON
Regular price$36.95
,Bamboo Hooded Towel LYNNE,Elle JPiper Bug,Bamboo Hooded Towel LYNNE,Elle J
Bamboo Hooded Towel LYNNE
Regular price$39.95

Piper Bug is a gorgeous, small Australian brand that we are so excited to stock. Their range of hand-drawn creations reflect the Australian landscape and make for beautifully-styled nurseries for baby boys and girls alike.

Piper Bug creator, Ruby, started this small business after a trialling experience when her son was born. Finding she needed an outlet for her sanity during the silence of his naps, and to give back to her family, she began designing!

Ruby loves to create. She hand-designs all her creations, usually with a few old-school techniques like the pen and/or paint before digitising.

This creative Mama works while her babies sleep and sleeps somewhere in the small gap between work and them waking, 'cos #mumlife. 

We hope you enjoy this stunning collection as much as we do. We love to support small Australian businesses and the gorgeous creations they make.