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Skeanie,Classic PreWalker Moccs in Chocolate,Elle J
Classic PreWalker Moccs in Chocolate
Regular price$34.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Loafers in Black,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Loafers in Black,Elle J
Pre-Walker Loafers in Black
Regular price$34.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Riding Boot Pink,Elle J
Pre-Walker Riding Boot Pink
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Riding Boots Chocolate,Elle J
Pre-Walker Riding Boots Chocolate
Regular price$44.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals PINK,Elle J
Sunday Sandals PINK
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Mary Jane PINK,Elle JSkeanie,Mary Jane PINK,Elle J
Mary Jane PINK
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY,Elle J
Sunday Sandals Baby NAVY
Regular price$34.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Lady Jane SILVER,Elle JSkeanie,Skeanie Lady Jane SILVER,Elle J
Skeanie Lady Jane SILVER
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Lady Jane PINK,Elle JSkeanie,Skeanie Lady Jane PINK,Elle J
Skeanie Lady Jane PINK
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Lady Jane CREAM,Elle J
Skeanie Lady Jane CREAM
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals Brown,Elle J
Sunday Sandals Brown
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Coast Sandals Silver,Elle JSkeanie,Coast Sandals Silver,Elle J
Coast Sandals Silver
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Mary Jane Gold,Elle J
Mary Jane Gold
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Junior Mary-Jane Patent Pink,Elle J
Skeanie Junior Mary-Jane Patent Pink
Regular price$49.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals NAVY,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals NAVY,Elle J
Sunday Sandals NAVY
Skeanie,Mary Jane SILVER,Elle JSkeanie,Mary Jane SILVER,Elle J
Mary Jane SILVER
Regular price$49.95$25.00
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Loafer WHITE,Elle J
Pre-Walker Loafer WHITE
Regular price$44.95$22.50
Skeanie,Pre-walker Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle J
Pre-walker Sunday Sandals in Tan
Regular price$44.95
Skeanie,Coast Sandals in Tan,Elle J
Coast Sandals in Tan
Regular price$59.95
Skeanie,Coast Sandals in Rose Gold,Elle J
Coast Sandals in Rose Gold
Regular price$59.95
Skeanie,Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle JSkeanie,Sunday Sandals in Tan,Elle J
Sunday Sandals in Tan
Regular price$54.95
Skeanie,Pre-walker T-Bar Sandals in Rose Gold,Elle J
Pre-walker T-Bar Sandals in Rose Gold
Regular price$44.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red,Elle J
Pre-Walker Sunday Sandals Navy/Red
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in White,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in White,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in White
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Tan
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Silver
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Grey
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black,Elle J
Pre-Walker Mocassin in Black
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream,Elle JSkeanie,Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream,Elle J
Pre-walker Moccasin in Cream
Regular price$39.95
Skeanie,Skeanie Riding Boots CHOCOLATE,Elle J
Skeanie Riding Boots CHOCOLATE

Skeanie is all about contributing to the health of little feet! The soft soled research commenced in 2005 when new mum Natasha Barber realised finding good quality soft leather shoes in Australia was a challenge.
Fast forward to now and Skeanie is now an Associate Partner of The AUSTRALIAN PODIATRY ASSOCIATION (NSW & ACT). Skeanie's Pre-Walkers have also been awarded The Seal of Acceptance by The American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA).
The Infant Range Soft Soled Baby Shoes are made of a soft, high quality genuine leather upper to allow your baby's tiny feet to breathe and grow naturally. The suede sole will provide superior grip whilst crawling or walking.The Junior Range Rubber Soled Shoes have been designed for walkers. The footwear in the Junior range feature an innovative flexible rubber sole. Skeanie offer a fabulous range of baby, toddler, and children's shoes to suit every occasion.