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Yumbox Original
Regular price$39.95
Yumbox Mini Snack
Regular price$26.95
Yumbox,Yumbox Panino,Elle JYumbox,Yumbox Panino,Elle J
Yumbox Panino
Regular price$39.95
Yumbox Tapas - 4 Compartment Stacked | Elle JYumbox,Yumbox Tapas - 4 Compartment,Elle J
Yumbox Tapas - 4 Compartment
Regular price$45.95
Yumbox,Yumbox Interchangeable Spare Tray - TAPAS,Elle J
Yumbox Interchangeable Spare Tray - TAPAS
Regular price$24.95
Yumbox Tapas - 5 Compartment Stacked | Elle JYumbox,Yumbox Tapas - 5 Compartment,Elle J
Yumbox Tapas - 5 Compartment
Regular price$45.95
Yumbox,Mini Ice Wall (3 colours),Elle J
Mini Ice Wall (3 colours)
Regular price$4.00

The beloved Yumbox was born when two mums dedicated their time to developing healthy eating habits for their children...but they had to make it fun! 

Yumbox was inspired by French school lunches which emphasise the importance of balance, variety, taste, and nutrition. Yumbox was dreamed up to allow us all to replicate that same balance and nutrition for our kids, regardless of where we live.

The innovative design allows for a meals-on-the-go box that accommodates a variety of foods. Yumbox is a bento-like tray, with one lid that seals all compartments. It also has designated food groups to encourage and assist parents in packing a balanced meal, built-in portion control, a cool design and illustrations to make this little box more of an adventure in good nutrition than just plain old lunch!

Yumbox comes in a range of sizes starting from Snack through to Panino, Original, and Tapas. With a world of colours and designs we are sure you'll find one...or three that you love!