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Baby Shower Gift Registry

Baby Shower Gift Registry Townsville

Help your guests avoid gift confusion by setting up a baby shower registry. 

Having a baby or babies is such an amazing, special time for all involved.  From that first moment of finding out you are expecting, you celebrate lots of little milestones along the way.  From morning sickness to hearing the heart beat and feeling kicks, the miracle of life doesn't fail to deliver.

So what is gift confusion?

Gift confusion is that moment when you are searching online or canvasing the shopping centres looking for 'the perfect gift' for your loved one.  Something that says 'you really know them'.  It starts way before you hit the shops, usually during conversation with the giftee, casually asking them cryptic questions about their nursery or baby wardrobe status without sounding like you are quizing them for gift ideas.  Then followed by the giftee saying they really have too much stuff already, 'its just the big things now we need to worry about'. 

Instantly you start to feel lost and confused, maybe a little flushed and light headed, and the thoughts set in on 'what am I going to get now that is meaningful, memorable, practical ...and that they won't get ten of?'

New mum gift idea

The perfect baby shower gift is right here at Elle J.

Wanting to find the perfect gift for someone is human nature.  Getting it right shows we care and are in tune with that person.  But for some reason when it comes to babies, getting it right is even more important.  As a giftee you want to feel excited and grateful for all the beautiful gifts your friends and family have selected for you.  The reality is though it is sometimes easier said than done when you receive five of the same thing.

The modern day baby shower gift registry.

Given the anxiety gift shopping can cause, the best thing to make their gift buying process easier is to establish a gift registry.  You could even call it a Wish List. 

A gift registry is a where you visit us in-store around 2 weeks or so prior to sending out your invitations and select a large range of your favourite items, from baby clothing through to nappy bags.  We assist you during your selection process to guide you on seasonal sizing requirements for baby fashion and to get an understanding of your personal taste.

The best baby shower gift ever.

By creating this short list of gift ideas, you have taken the overwhelm, stress and anxiety away allowing your guest to shop relaxed knowing whatever they pick from your shortlist is going to be loved and cherished.  Your guests also have the freedom of choosing other items throughout the store if they prefer.

If you have out of town guests, we can assist them to make purchases over the phone or online and arrange to have these available at your baby shower, all without you having to do a thing.



If you would like to set up your own baby shower gift registry, contact us today on 47 798198 and our team can arrange this for you.


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