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Funbites Sandwich Cutters

Does your toddler get overwhelmed by a big sandwich?  or are they a grazer?  the type that like to have little bites of everything?

Do you dream of being one of those mums who packs your child fruit cut into cute shapes, but don't have the time?

Funbites are a handy kitchen tool that can take your big sandwich, fruit, quiches, slices and much more and make it into cute bite sized pieces.

They are super handy when packing bento style lunchboxes such as Yumbox.

We see it all the time that kids will tend to eat more if they are little kids size bites of food.  So if you have a fussy eater this could be just the thing to help get them eating more.  You could also get them help cut the shapes too.  It is quick and easy and takes not time at all.







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