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Arabella and Autumn Dummy Clips

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Product Details

Imagine this, you have had a sleepless night with your baby but you need to head out to the shops to get a few things. While you are pushing your baby in its pram through the aisles of the shopping centre, you're trying to make sure you stay on task and get everything you need, then your baby starts to cry. You look down, your baby's dummy is gone. All kinds of emotions immediately activate, your baby is still crying with no dummy in sight.

Take a deep breath, its an overwhelming situation for the best of us and a completely normal situation experienced by every parent. But does that mean it needs to be your norm?

If you could do something to avoid situations like this would you? 

Plus what about having to wash and sterilise your baby's dummy every time they spit it out and it lands on the floor? Or trying to keep easy access to a dummy while you are wearing your baby in a baby carrier?

Our fully safety tested and certified Arabella and Autumn dummy clips are a must have.

They easily and securely attach to any dummy with a ring, and can be clipped to a pram strap, item of clothing or a baby carrier.

So when your little one literally spits the dummy, it won't hit the floor or disappear never to return.

Little ones can easily retrieve the dummy and put it back in their mouths to self soothe.

Safety Always

Did you know ALL teething products and dummy clips require mandatory safety testing?  This involves manufacturers having to submit their products to independent safety testing laboratories to be tested for compliance to the standards. Arabella and Autumn dummy clips have been fully tested and have passed the requirements and are certified to meet the soother holder standards EN12586.

Handmade right here in Australia from the highest quality components including European made beechwood clips. Silicone beads which have been manufactured from 100% food grade silicone and are free from BPA, Lead, Cadmium. Phthalates, PVC and Latex. They will not absorb odours or support the growth of mould, bacteria or fungus and beechwood beads which are non-toxic and are naturally antibacterial.

Care and Safety:  As with any children's products, it is important to ensure correct use and always monitor for wear and tear.  Any resulting misuse may cause a breakage which could become a choking hazard. It is recommended to dispose of the item should you identify any wear and tear or after 6 months.

At Elle J we 100% only support brands who have invested their time and money to ensure their products meet the mandatory safety requirements and we urge consumers only to purchase these items from reputable suppliers.

  • Save your sanity with no more lost dummies
  • Soft and flexible bead design to eliminate dummy coming out of babies mouth as stiff dummy chains can do
  • Helps keep you baby calm and happy as they can learn to self soothe
  • Fully compliant to Safety Standards EN12586



Arabella and Autumn Dummy Clips