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Bibs Glow in the Dark Dummy 2 Pack

Size: 1 (0-6mths)
Colour: Blush

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Bibs colour dummies are the latest trending, and practical, accessory for your bub, available in a range of beautiful hues to coordinate with bub's outfits. 

The Bibs Glow in the Dark Dummies are great for night time. All night dummies have a white handle.  You just hold the dummy under a light for 10-20 secs for the glow effect to start. 

The classic round design are from our own childhoods, with the Danish brand producing Bibs dummies since the 1970's.

The teat is made from 100% natural rubber, which is soft and flexible for babies and toddlers. The round cherry like shape has been designed to mimic the mother's breast. The dummy shield is convex in shape and has 3 holes which assists airflow to ventilate around your babies mouth.

Natural rubber is made through a process of extracting the juice from a rubber tree. This 'juice' which is also called 'latex milk' is then goes through a process where it is transformed into natural rubber.

Natural rubber can expand over time due to babies sucking.  We recommend you have 2-4 dummies on the go, so that they wear evenly and your baby doesn't favour one specific dummy.

We carry the Bibs Colour Dummies in sizes 1 and 2, to suit newborn through to 18mths. Both sizes are suitable for babies from birth.

Bibs Colour Dummies have been tested and certified to meet the Australian Mandatory Safety Standards for dummies - Australian Soother Standard AS2432-1991 and are compliant with European Standard EN1400. 

  • 2 Pack
  • 100% Natural Rubber Teat
  • NO Phathalates
  • NO Bisphenola
  • Designed and Made in Denmark

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How do I care for my Bib Dummy?

Before first use, sterilise the dummy by putting it into boiling water for 5 minutes.  Water may enter the teat due to the vented air hole. Once the dummy has cooled, squeeze between fingers to remove any water and ensure hygiene.


How often do I need to sterilise my Bibs dummy?

Clean and sterilise your bibs dummy daily, by pouring boiling water over the dummy.


Can I put a Bibs dummy in a microwave steriliser or dishwasher?

As Bibs dummies are made from natural rubber, the use of a microwave steriliser or dishwasher is not recommended as it will deteriorate the dummy.


How often should I replace my Bibs dummy? 

For safety and hygiene reasons, BIBS recommends replacement after 4-6 weeks.  Always inspect the dummy before use, especially if your baby has teeth.  You can do this by pulling the teat in all directions, looking for splits in the rubber or other damage.

Always store your Bibs dummy out of direct sunlight.