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Cantaloop Shapewear

Post Natal Reshape Briefs

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During pregnancy our body changes and grows every day and in all different directions.  Our tummy changes as it makes room for the new tenant that has just taken over the space. 


As a result of growing a baby or babies, many women will experience DRAM (Diastis of Recti Abdominis Muscles) or in basic terms seperation of the abdominal muscles. This can start to appear as early as your second trimester.


You will also experience the 'jelly belly'.  This is the result of baby vacating and your abdominal skin no longer being stretched. 


The treatment of DRAM involves working with a women's health physiotherapist who will tailor specific exercises to help repair the damaged muscle tissue and wearing supportive post natal compression garments.


Our Post Natal Reshape Briefs have been designed in consultation with medical professionals to provide you with the support your body needs when recovering from child birth.   


The brief style is high waisted and has in-woven targeted compression zones which provide a medium-firm level of support to your core abdominal area and reducing your waistline by 2cm on average.  They are a great option for women who have a moderate to higher level of abdominal muscle seperation.


Wearing regular briefs postnatally does not provide your body with the same level of compression and support required to assist in the recovery of DRAM. 


Made from soft breathable seamfree microfibre material, they are comfortable to wear all year round and you can sleep in them. 


The brief style offers a wider leg opening to reduce the 'undie line' which is usually associated with regular shapewear and will also provide additional support to hold your maternity pads in place while you are experiencing your post natal blood loss.


If you are having or have had a c-section, we recommend you wear our C-Section Briefs for the first 4-6weeks before switching to the post natal reshape briefs.  The firmness of the briefs is no suitable immediately after a c-section. 


  • hese recovery briefs are highwaisted and will under the bust for most women.
  • wash in a wash bag to protect the fabric
  • cool and comfortable for all year round wear
  • available in 2 colours Black or Tan


To determine your size refer to our size chart, and if you are unsure get in contact with us and we can assist you with determining your size.


We suggest purchasing 2-3 pairs and to have them ready to go in your hospital bag.


Due to the nature of this products refunds/exchanges are not available.

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