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Wild Indiana

Silicone Baby Bowl and Spoon Set

Duck Egg Blue
Wizz Fizz (Limited Edition)
Bubblegum (Limited Edition)
Musk Stick (Limited Edition)
Fairy Floss (Limited Edition)
Fruit Tingle (Limited Edition)

When your little one starts solids for the first time it is such an amazing milestone. Seeing all the funny faces they make as they try new foods for the first time is priceless.

As they grow and turn in to toddlers a little thing called Independance starts to creep in.  

This turns mealtimes into a battle of the wills.  Toddler against parent.  Little toddlers who want to feed themselves, which usually involves a plate of food being tipped onto their highchair and all over the floor.

Allowing toddlers to develop their independence, especially at mealtimes, plays an important role in children's relationship with food and ability to try new things. 

It also assist with the development of fine motor skills and co-ordination.

But, if having to pick up foods off the floor at every meal time sounds like something you would rather not have to deal with, our Wild Indiana Bowls are something we recommend you invest in.

Say goodbye to tipped over dinners with their range of silicone bowls which feature a sanity saving suction capped base.

But it doesn't stop there, what if we told you this:

  • Each set comes with a matching perfect sized toddler silicone spoon that clips into the bowl!
  • The unique shape is designed to assist with the development of the fine motor skills required for feeding.
  • The rounded sides help your little one scoop up every last bite of their food.
  • There are no removable parts making washing super easy and hygenic.
  • The range is 100% diswasher safe.
  • It's microwave safe too.
  • It's also BPA Free and made from food grade FDA approved silicone.

So now you know how the Wild Indiana Silicone Bowls will help make your toddler meal times easier, but the icing on the cake is the gorgeous range of colours available.

Wild Indiana Silicone Bowls also make fantastic gifts for baby showers, or pay if forward and get one for that mama you know who is currently tearing her hair out (or cleaning food off the floor again)