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Yumbox Tapas - 5 Compartment

Option: Dreamy Purple

Pack a healthy and nutritious meal for your big kid or yourself in a different way…

Yumbox Tapas is the largest bento style lunch box in the Yumbox range.  It is fantastic for big kids and adults alike! Designed by Mums, it has a clever design that is not only stylish but super practical!


Yumbox Tapas are available with 2 different internal tray configurations, either a 4 or 5 compartment.  (This listing is for the 5 compartment)


The Tapas provides the extra space needed for a bigger volume of food, or where you might need to pack morning tea and lunch in the same lunchbox for a toddler or kindy aged child.  They are fantastic for teens and adults. 

The Yumbox Tapas 5 Compartment includes the signature Yumbox exterior shell and divided tray insert and has just over a 4 cup volume. 

1. Yumboxes are based around storing bite sized pieces of food.  We think they are small portable versions of a grazing plate.  This style of eating is fantastic for children of all ages as it allows for variety, and is especially good for those fussy eaters or children with sensory issues who don't like their foods touching.

2. All Yumboxes have a leakproof lid.  The silicone seal in the lid seals perfectly around the divides of the internal tray. Meaning you can pack wet foods, like dips (or thicker foods, ie yoghurt), right beside crackers and carrot sticks and know it won't leak through.   

3. They make eating lunch quick and easy.  When at school, kids just want to eat their snacks fast so they can get as much play time out of their morning tea break.  With all their snacks cut into bit sized pieces, all they need to do is open the container by the single latch and tuck in.

4. Yumbox helps develop independance and choice making skills around food. Yumboxes are super easy for children to open themselves and they eliminate fiddly packets and plastic wrap which can be difficult to for children to open unassisted.  

5. They are great value for money as they are versatile and can be used over many years.  They are ideal for babies first foods through to school age kids and adults.

6. Save time in the morning, by preparing lunches the night before.  The Yumbox leakproof seal also helps keep foods fresh.  Many Yumbox mums have multiple containers so they can prepare up to 2 and 3 days in advance.

7.  Yumbox is also not just for kids.  Are you a busy parent or carer looking to simplify your snacks and meals, by pre-preparing them and watching your portion sizes at the same time?  Yumbox is fantastic for those on a weighloss journey also as you can portion control and accurately track your food consumption.

8. Yumbox encourage healthy eating.  There is a world wide community of Yumbox lovers who share amazing ideas and recipes for packing a healthy snack or lunch.  So you will never be short of an idea when it comes to what to pack for school lunches.

9. Yumbox are also BPA-Free, Phthalates-free and are CPSIA and FDA compliant.

10. Yumbox are great to use while travelling. They are compact and easily fit in a nappy bag, backpack or insulated cooler bag.


Can I swap my Tapas trays between the 4 and 5 compartment shells?

Yes you can.  Yumbox Tapas is the only shell in the range that supports the interchanging of the 4 and 5 compartment trays.  This is because all new release Tapas come with the 5 comparment silicone seal in the lid of the shell.


This is fantastic as it gives you the option to purchase an additional second tray in the opposite configuration, giving you greater flexibility.


The Tapas dimensions are 24.5 x 17 x 5 cm


How to care for my Yumbox:


Yumbox is dishwasher safe. Top rack only. We highly recommend hand washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle. Yumbox has been tested at temperature 65C/149F, 110 min. cycle. Yumbox is made with ABS (exterior box), Tritan (tray), and silicone (seal). Yumbox is designed with rounded edges and smooth surfaces to make hand washing easy. Note:  Yumbox outer shells have a gloss finish which may dull over time depending on your dishwasher.


Special Care Instructions for the silicone seal:  Be sure to empty left over contents each day.  Wash with warm soapy water and ensure your Yumbox is thoroughly dry before storing.  If you live in a damp or humid location, we recommend to store your Yumboxes open.


Yumboxes (both shell and tray) are not suitable for microwave use.  They are for the storing or room temperature or refridgerated foods.  Note: Yumboxes themselves are not insulated, so if you are packing foods requiring refridgeration, they will need to be stored in the fridge or in an appropriate insulated bag with an ice brick.


So order yours today! Become a Yumbox mum, you will be glad you did.




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